Data and Safety of Micromobility

Colloque La mobilité au service de la sécurité


Jeudi 14 novembre 2019


14:00 - 14:30



Tiny vehicles, known as micromobility vehicles, have emerged on the streets of cities. These new mobility options bring both opportunities and challenges regarding our city planning and street design. How is micromobility in terms of operating characteristics and safety different from existing travel modes? How can we leverage data being generated by micromobility? Finally, how can we work together to ensure safety of micromobility users? This presentation will address these questions and present relevant standardization and research initiatives of SAE International and McGill University.
* Cette présentation se fera en anglais.


Luis Miranda-Moreno
Professeur agrégé
Université McGill - professionnels
Annie Chang
Head of New Mobility
SAE International


Hélène Bourdeau
Directrice adjointe - Planification de projets - Service de l'ingénierie
Ville de Laval