Bulletin de l'AQTr # 16 - 2014 : Detailed Requirements of the SAAQ

28 avril 2014

The new business model applied to driving schools associated with the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) that was announced in the newsletter on August 13, 2013 has brought forth an extensive review of the Detailed Requirements. The outcome of this review is the result of a mutual agreement between the SAAQ, representatives from the Association québécoise des transports (AQTr), the Driving Schools Association of Quebec (AECQ), the cooperative group ConduiPro and the group Tecnic.

Over the next few weeks, the AQTr will be inviting the head of each school to a training session on the new Detailed Requirements. We have taken the liberty to include these Requirements with the newsletter to help you better prepare for the session. Furthermore, to better plan these training sessions, we invite all schools who are represented by the DSAQ (AECQ), ConduiPro or Tecnic to contact their representatives. Schools who are not represented by one of these groups must contact the AQTr.

The current Requirements will remain applicable until you have attended the training session. Following the training session, you may begin to transition towards the new Requirements up until June 30, 2014, at which point the new Detailed Requirements must be applied by everyone.

On November 11th 2013, a newsletter was sent to let you know that some sections of the document "Rules for Applying the Course Structure" had been modified. The updated version of this document is not yet available in English; therefore we have included the link to the French version. The updated English version will be sent by newsletter as soon as it is available.

Please note that if any discrepancies are found between the French and English version of the Detailed Requirements, the French version will prevail.

Please note also that the Appendix 4 and 8 are in french only.